Tips & Tricks: Better Photography


Online advertising is essential to modern business. It allows you to reach current and new customers, spread your message, and build your brand. But, creating a good advertisement for your business can be intimidating. The good news is good photography can take your business listing from average to eye-catching.

Good photography does not mean it has to be an expensive camera, lenses, professional training on aperture, shutter speed, white balance, and so on.

Here are 3 tutorials on improving your photography from the Pros. A small tweak on the photography will work wonders for you, even with your smartphone, let’s get started!


01: 5 Tips to Instantly Up Your PHOTO GAME

Peter McKinnon: Youtube Creator on photography and cinematography.

Click here to Peter McKinnon’s Channel


02: 3 Tips for BETTER Portrait Locations for Your Photo

Mango Street: Youtube Channel creating photography + filmmaking tutorials

Click here to Mango Street’s Channel


03: 6 Posing Tips, Look Good in ANY Photo

Chris Hau:  video creator from Ontario, Canada.

Click here to Chris Hau’s Channel


That being said, using well-designed, compelling images in your business listing will greatly improve your readership and help engage your audience.

Don’t do damage to your brand by irritating or annoying your audience. Respect your readers by being clear and helpful in your messaging and what you are offering. However, never attempt to manipulate or trick them into taking action.

Post a business listing today, help your potential customers to find you!



If you are exploring advanced mobile photography, how about tapping the video below on manual or pro mode in the smartphone camera.

Click here to Android Authority’s Channel



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