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The Real Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Most people believe that Marketing and Advertising are the same thing. Fact is they’re not. What is known as advertising, is just a part of the whole game, which is marketing. Marketing includes the complete development of a brand, starting from the research then continuing to designing, advertising, sale, etc. Advertising is considered a part of the whole marketing process, which sends the message using several mediums, in order to promote a product.

What Is The Biggest Trap Of Goal Setting

Goal Setting! It’s a wonderful thing. All you have to do is set a goal and now your life is on easy street. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. But wait a minute, I thought goal setting is all the rage? All I have to do is set a goal, everything becomes clear and all my next steps instantly appear. I guess that is possible, but you must avoid the biggest trap of goal setting.

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How To Use Location Service

The booming of online advertisings, GPS navigations, courier services has significantly helped businesses to reach their customers. Many business owners also set up their business profiles in search engines and social media to increase exposure. However, these are only effective when people search for keywords related to your product/service. Hence, the real challenge is getting your potential customers to look for you (without paying for expensive advertisements). combined multiple categories of business listings to attract massive web traffic of audience looking for various business information. Tag your business on our map alongside many others significantly increase the chance of visitors to find you.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up location for your business listing step by step. Let’s do it!



—– Listing Owners’ Perspective —–


Option 1: This is where you enter your location


Option 2: Alternatively, you can use the map to pinpoint your exact location if your address is not shown.

(i) First, ‘Drag’ to move the map


(ii) Then, ‘Scroll’ to zoom or out. Or click on the ‘+’, ‘-‘ button on the right.


(iii) Next, ‘Click’ to pin your exact location on the map.


(iv) You may select ‘Lock Pin Location’ to secure the pin.


Option 3: The third option would be entering your coordinates manually as shown in the screenshot below.


—– Visitors’ Perspective —–

This is how it looks on your single listing. Click on ‘Get Direction’ will link the visitors to Google Map and navigate them to your doorstep.


Set up your business information on yield the remarkably high return for your limited marketing budget. It only requires minimum time and effort so you will have more time for your core business activities. Happy posting!


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