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*ENTIRE* Marketing College Course Condensed Into A Single Article – Product Vs Offer

College – and most “marketing” education in general – typically teaches you the 4 P’s of the “marketing mix” – Price, Product, Promotion & Place. If you have an ambitious teacher, you may end up with the 7 P’s. Either way, whilst these are a great way to describe the effects of existing marketing/products, they’re actually a very poor representation of how to *create* new products. The way to do this is to focus on the TWO things that matter – “Product” + “Offer”.

Adding Goal Setting To Your Online Business

People used to come to my high school and talk about how important it was to have goals. “You have to set realistic but ambitious goals for your life in order to feel fulfilled with life.” I am paraphrasing, of course, because in high school I was a young punk and never paid attention at those assemblies. I was just happy to get out of class. But as I’ve grown and matured, I have begun to realize what they really meant by “goals”. Goal setting can be an essential part of every aspect of your life. Goal setting needs to be an essential part of your online marketing campaigns, but only if you plan to succeed.

The Real Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Most people believe that Marketing and Advertising are the same thing. Fact is they’re not. What is known as advertising, is just a part of the whole game, which is marketing. Marketing includes the complete development of a brand, starting from the research then continuing to designing, advertising, sale, etc. Advertising is considered a part of the whole marketing process, which sends the message using several mediums, in order to promote a product.

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Avoid Excuses!


by Gary S. Grossman Ph.D.

Excuses are your way of avoiding to do what you need to do to succeed. Often excuses are legitimate reasons for why you won’t do what is necessary. To succeed and progress, you need to eliminate as many excuses as possible. Until your excuses are eliminated they remain as insurmountable barriers between you and the life plan you desire:… You fill in the blanks.

Doctor’s excuses are some of the most legitimate excuses in our world:
“I am following doctor’s orders!”

These five words allow people to give up many of the options, opportunities and responsibilities available to them. “I would do “It” “BuT” I can’t because the doctor ordered me not to. I am not bad, lazy, or irresponsible. I am not procrastinating, or avoiding. I am not doing “It” because the doctor said I can’t!” All personal responsibility has been waived because of a doctor’s excuse and a doctor’s order. You get the picture. Usually the excuse is legitimate and time limited. It can become a way of avoiding life. Whenever possible, it is essential to see past your doctor’s excuse and to create an endgame where your life and success are thriving again.

There are many other legitimate excuses that get in our way of living the life we would like to live: “

I don’t have the time to…”

We all have the same amount of time: 24/7 for as long as we live. The problem isn’t lack of time. It is lack of time management, priority management “bUt” especially choice and opportunity management. Many of us have the luxury of choices in our lives with the ability to actualize these choices when they are part of a well thought out, well executed and well supported plan. For those of us that choose have the life of our choosing, it is incumbent upon us to eliminate our excuses about lack of time and focus on priority and opportunity management.

I don’t know What to do or How to do “It”!

Ignorance is another overused excuse. Sometime there is no way to find out What needs to be done or How to do “It”. Usually that is not the case. Most of life has been discovered and often perfected by others around you. Allowing ignorance to prevail gives away your opportunity for success and allows this false belief, this excuse to prevail. Develop a support system you can trust; support that will challenge you to succeed without enabling your excuses. Volunteer to accept their challenge. Ignorance dissipates quickly with timely and appropriate information. So does ambiguity.

My family and friends don’t support me.

Please pay attention to your Big truth. Usually family and friends care about your well being “BuT” at times don’t understand your Big picture. Listen to their caring “bUt” discuss your Big picture with people of giving you an objective and expert opinion. Don’t let others be your excuse and dictate your opportunities or your future.

I am a Personal Development and Wellness Coach for successful people; i.e. people, like you, who can DO what you intend to DO when you know What to DO and How and have the support necessary to Succeed.
I began my professional career in 1971 working with addicts on the streets of New York City. I was quickly known as the 90 Day Wonder. It was a term of derision. They mocked me, knowing full well that I had no right to pretend that I knew the “Truths” of their lives or their circumstances. Thankfully I was smart enough to agree with them. They were right. I didn’t know their truths or their circumstances and what I learned in college didn’t teach me this either.

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