Conference Overview:

The SME Digital Tech 4.0 Conference is for senior level executives interested in developing their digital technology strategies for their Business. Industry 4.0 as a change catalyst will transform how products and services are designed, manufactured, marketed and used. It will change the way people live and bring significant impact to any SME business.

The SME Digital Tech 4.0 Conference is essential for those dynamic business leaders keen to gain knowledge on the digital transformation for their business.

The Theme this year is “Kick-start Your Digital Transformation”

Many SMEs have registered themselves for the SME Digital Tech 4.0 Conference. WHY?:

In the Malaysian SME Masterplan 2012-2020, it is projected that by 2020, SMEs will contribute 62% to employment, 42% to national GDP and 25% to Malaysia’s exports.

However from the 2017 results, SMEs in Malaysia have fallen short in productivity. They are contributing 66% to employment, but 37.1% to national GDP and 17.1% to exports.

These gaps need to be closed to ensure Malaysia’s transition to a high-income economy. The SME Digital Tech 4.0 Conference and the SME Conference Series was developed to address this gap. Furthermore, to assist the SME, the government has in Budget 2019, RM14.73B allocated in LOANS AND GRANTS for SME Digital Technology Transformation.